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Designing a Life and Business You Love

Designing a Life and Business You Love

Unlocking the Power of Aesthetics, Spirituality, and Passion in Direct Marketing


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Hey Insider, 

Hold onto your seats because this edition of "Direct Response Secrets" is unlike any other! I'm Zachary J Radford, your guide through the maze of marketing wisdom.

Today, we're diving deep into the world of design, spirituality, and yes, love! Confused? Don't be.

I had the pleasure of hosting Christian Mauerer, a digital Jedi and the CEO of Lovepixel Agency, on my podcast. This man is a powerhouse of insights that go beyond just pixels and code.

Why should you care? Because design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about how your brand interacts with the world. And Christian has some golden nuggets that could revolutionize the way you think about your business.

Ready to explore this uncharted territory? Let's get started!


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Designing a Life and Business, You Love With Christian Mauerer

Today, we have a special treat for you. We recently had the pleasure of hosting Christian Mauerer, a German-American digital Jedi and the CEO of Lovepixel Agency and Clickfunnels Design Hacks, on our podcast. Christian delves into the world of design, spirituality, and how love and passion fuel his work.

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Christian also mentions a “Post It Notes“ Steve Jobs mural that he did and I found it here:

Let's jump into what we chated about…

1. The Journey to Design

Christian's journey began in Germany, where he was born and raised. He was always interested in what makes people happy, which led him to explore the concept of happiness and eventually love. He transitioned from working at Google to freelancing in web design, fueled by his passion for making intangible things tangible.

Quote: "I just saw that it's possible to live this lifestyle of like, completely remote and doing what you love. And that's why I started my career as a freelancer,"

2. The Importance of Love & Spirituality

Christian believes that love is the common thread that connects us all. It's not just an emotion but a frequency that impacts everything he creates.

Quote: "Love as the essential value or common denominator of all beings, not just human beings,"

3. The Intersection of Functionality and Design

Christian emphasizes that a good design is not just about aesthetics; it's also about functionality.

Quote: "If somebody is just beautiful, doesn't really do anything else. Like, yeah, okay. But if somebody is just function ugly, nobody's going to use it,"

4. Work-Life Balance

Christian talks about the importance of balancing the rooted side of business with spirituality and love.
Quote: "Your state of mind and being is, is success at the end of the day,"

5. The Agency - Lovepixel

Christian's agency, Lovepixel, is a culmination of his journey, where he serves high-level influencers, organizations, and heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Quote: "So from freelance digital nomad life, the now discovering that love is the essence,"

6. Favorite Funnel Builder

When asked about his favorite funnel builder, Christian Mauerer didn't hesitate to recommend Go High Level. He appreciates its various integrations and automation capabilities. While he acknowledged that ClickFunnels 2.0 looked good, he found it disappointing due to unfulfilled promises.

Quote: "So for funnel building, the best platform currently on the market, in my opinion, is Go High Level, just because it allows for different integrations, all the automations with great Click Funnels 2.0 their launch, I mean, the platform looks good, but the launch was a little bit disappointing."

7. Preferred Website Builder

Christian highly recommends WordPress for building websites, especially from an SEO standpoint. He finds it to be the best platform for housing multiple offers and calls to action, essentially serving as a "funnel hub."

Quote: "Now as far as like on the website side, WordPress, hands down, is that am I..."

This is just some of what we chatted about!

Christian Mauerer is not just a designer; he's a philosopher in his own right. His approach to design, business, and life is something we can all learn from.

Tune into our podcast to hear the full conversation and get ready to be inspired!

The Wrap Up

💡 "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

As we conclude this enlightening edition, I encourage you to think beyond the conventional boundaries of design and marketing. Christian Mauerer showed us that love, spirituality, and a keen eye for design can coexist in the business world, and the results are nothing short of magical.

So, go ahead, infuse some love into your brand, and watch how it transforms not just your business but also your life.

To your health & wealth,
Zachary J. Radford
Direct Response Marketer

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