Direct Response Secrets
Direct Response Secrets
Sorry For Not Posting…

Sorry For Not Posting…

I have something to to make it up to! 🎁

Hey DRS Family,

Please forgive me, but I have been super busy writing for over 50k+ entrepreneurs & growth marketers through my partnership with Wisdom Media.

Where I write for The Growth Memo & The Early Checkout.

We just surpassed 1 million emails sent… I have learned a couple of things about direct response.

I want to do something special for you…

I want to give my “Direct Response Secrets Copy Brief” for free:

I have used this to write 10s of millions in profitable advertising, and you can have it for free!

Just make a copy for yourself. (I was thinking about doing a training on it as well… let me know if you would like to learn more about it.)

Ok, It’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Why did I decide to rebrand the pod?

The simple answer is… I have decided who I want to be when I grow up!

A lot has changed over the years… I have worked for one of the largest ad agencies in the world, I have spent $10m+ on ads, and now I have sent over 1 million emails!

I used to think I was an agency guy, then I thought I was an ad buyer, but in recent months I realized that I’m all of the above… I’m a direct response marketer!

And my “zone of genius” is helping businesses solve million-dollar marketing problems using direct response fundamentals!

So I’m going to do it live on the pod… I’m giving it all away for free and helping others grow!

The show is going to be a ”hot seat” style pod where we are talking to real businesses with real bottlenecks, and together, we learn how to use Direct Response to make running a business simple, predictable & fun!

What does simple, predictable & fun look like…

Spend $1 on advertising… and getting $2… $3… or Even $10 back!

This can only happen when you put the right person in front of the right offer at the right time.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning?

Stay subbed, and If not, I wish you the best on your journey!

To your health & wealth,
Zachary J. Radford

P.S. Want me to work with you to help solve multi-million dollar marketing bottlenecks in your business?

Want to get your business in front of thousands of entrepreneurs?

For FREE! Consider being on the pod… Here is the request form:

Direct Response Secrets
Direct Response Secrets
What Is Direct Response Marketing? Why Is Advertising So Important? How Much Should Your Marketing Budget Be? You have questions… We have answers!
I'm your host, Zachary J. Radford. I went from making just $23,987 a year working a job I hated to becoming a renowned author in direct response, publishing some of the largest newsletters in the space, and consulting on over $100m in advertising & marketing throughout my career.
I can tell you one thing for certain.
Marketing & Advertising is changing!
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