Direct Response Secrets
Direct Response Secrets
The Ad Buyers Perspective: Lessons I'm Learning From My Mentor Scott Oldford.

The Ad Buyers Perspective: Lessons I'm Learning From My Mentor Scott Oldford.

Use These Brilliant Ideas To Grow Your Business On Your OWN TERMS!
Image made with AI Prompt: “Building a business that is in true alignment.”

As you know, I have been building a media company with my friend and mentor, Scott Oldford! Over the last couple of months, I have learned so much from him I could write an entire book on it. (No Joke.)

Who is Scott Oldford?

Scott Oldford is one of the world’s top business advisors & mentors. He has helped 100s of businesses get past the 7-figure point. In my opinion a solid guy and wealth of business knowledge! Here is his site:

Today I thought I would share with you a handful of lessons I have learned from him that will help you grow your business on your own terms!

Ready? Let's do it… 

Distribution Is Key

Leverage Labour To Build Media

It’s Easier To Buy Than Build

You Don’t Have To Reply Right Away

Meeting Still Suck

Paint A Vision

Find True Alignment

Be Honest, Direct & Fair.

Know What Others Want And Give It To Them

Know What Season You Are In

Hire Wicked Smart People

Keep Things Simple

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My Thoughts

Do the work, rest, reflect and repeat.

Agencies Make Things More Complicated Than They Need To Be. 

So many people are frustrated with the results they are getting from advertising.

It’s not complicated if you understand the fundamentals! 

This led me to my new idea… 

Here is the model I have been thinking about…

One Book 

One course

One Client A Month

One Blog Post Week

One Email A Week

Direct Response Secrets
Direct Response Secrets
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